For all the joy new babies bring they also usually create lots of work and a serious shortage of time for the new parents. Sadly the same is true if we – or a friend or loved one – are faced with an illness or accident. While we all know we should eat well to live well, and it’s easy to take shortcuts with what we eat when time (and often money) are short.

Now there’s a simple solution to eating well with your family! Set up a "Good Food Account" today and give or receive the gift of delicious and healthy organic food!

Here is how it works:

  • We’ll set up a web page just for you or your loved one – with your words – where your friends and family (or anybody for that matter) can make a contribution toward the Good Food Account. Below is a sample page:    
  • We keep track of the balance in the account for you, and send regular email updates with new contributions.
  • We’ll also set up a code for ordering online directly from the account. That way you can easily order your organic meal kits for pick-up or delivery from our menu.

Setting up an account is easy and it’s free.

Please include the following information under "Contact Us" in your setup process:

1. Your Name

2. Your Email

3. Write the desired name for the account you are creating for your friend or family member i.e., "babygraham" or "foodforcamille." Be sure to include this information in the message body of this form.

4. Desired text for the account (any special verbiage you would like to include in the first paragraph or the Good Food Page. (Please include this information in the message body of this form - see example image above).

Once you hit the "Send Message" button we will get busy and set up your account, then be in touch with you when the account is ready.

If you have additional questions or would like to talk with us in person, please call us at (303) 736-9930.

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