The Organic Dish brick and mortar business is closing May 27th.  The last day for delivery is Friday May 26th. The last day for pick-up is Saturday May 27th.

To our dear loyal customers,

We have some big plans for The Organic Dish. These plans have been growing since before Christmas. We are finally taking our Meal Kits to the next level and we're doing this by teaming up with a cutting edge business in Boulder, Market Day Local, created by Theresa Krueger. 

Market Day Local offers schools a new way to raise funds! Instead of fund-raising with chocolate and wrapping paper, Market Day Local will be at the service of school fund-raising with artisan products from local farms and businesses like us, The Organic Dish. We're excited to be working with Theresa and we'll keep you posted as we progress.

Now for the nuts and bolts and how this next step might affect you. We will be placing all of our energy into developing new meals and growing our Organic Dish packaged meal kit business and therefore we are closing the brick and mortar cafe part of The Organic Dish. We are sad about this because we love the cafe and think it is a necessary business in this town, but perhaps ahead of its time. However we can no longer run the business by ourselves.

The meal kits we have in stock are for sale and available for pick-up at the cafe until Saturday May 27th, after which we will close the door to the retail location of The Organic Dish. We are planning to relaunch our organic meal kits in the fall and will keep you informed with details on some of our new meals and how to place your order.

To those who have gift certificates and good food accounts, they do not expire. You may use your gift certificate or good food accounts until the end of May (2017), and start up again in the fall (2017).

We will be posting updates on our website so stay tuned!

We wanted to close by thanking all of you one last time for ordering, for telling your family and friends to order, for rating us, and for telling us how we were doing. We showed up every day for all of you and we hope you enjoyed the journey as much as we did. Here's to you all for making this business possible, and we're looking forward to our next big step!

All the best,

Dan and Drew Sorrells