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About these Teas

Organic Assam

Subtle, sweet, and sophisticated - this esteemed organic assam is from the Banaspaty Estate in Northeast India. Rich honey notes emerge from the amber liquor, with malty undertones far more subtle than traditional assam tea. Also less astringent than traditional assam, the smooth sweet character of these slightly larger leaves deliver a clean brew with less tannin. Easy to brew up properly, this tea produces a consistently blissful cup that will transport you to India's Assam Valley.

Organic Mint

Organic Peppermint pyramid sachets brew a delightfully crisp mug of fresh mint tea with light peppery notes and a full menthol aroma. Peppermint is wonderful both hot and cold brewed. Simply toss a pyramid bag in your water bottle and off you go with a refreshing alternative to plain water. Or throw some sachets into your travel bag to take your premium herbal tea on the road—no hassle, no mess.

Organic Sencha

The emperor of green teas, hand picked, deep steamed, and carefully dried right after harvesting, in traditional Japanese style. This organic sencha tea will make any day feel like a beautiful spring day. A delicately sweet, herbaceous aroma emanates from the long, flat, naturally dark emerald tea leaves. Rich in Vitamin C. This is a perfect green tea to drink in the afternoon, as the tasting experience will make you feel simultaneously relaxed and refreshed. 

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