Red Lentils with Coconut
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Ready-to-cook frozen organic meal kits.

Serves 2-3 people or one person three times!

About this Meal

This is our most popular dish and stays on the menu year-round and kids love this meal! Red lentils are cooked in coconut milk, spinach, veggie broth and a variety of spices, and served over brown Basmati rice. Simple and delicious!

If you want a little spice pep to this dish try PICAFLOR's Vida Verde live culture sold in our local goods section!


It doesn’t get much easier – just boil the lentils on the stove top and warm up the pre-cooked brown Basmati rice. 2 pots

All Organic Ingredients

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Yellow Onions, Vegetable Broth, Red Lentils, Coconut Milk, Bay Leaves, Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Spinach, Brown Basmati Rice.