Tomatillo Chili Verde
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About this Meal 

This is a vegetarian version of a delicious recipe passed along by our customer Audrey.  A tasty tomatillo green chile stew with Hatch mild green chiles, corn, beans, cilantro, and a variety of spices. Served with tortilla chips and cheddar cheese.  Crumble them both over the top of this hearty Chili.


Bring everything to a boil in a stockpot and let it simmer for about 20 minutes.  1 pot.

Organic Ingredients

*Tomatillos, Tomatoes, *Green Chiles, Onion, Garlic, Corn, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Oregano, Coriander, Cumin, Black Beans, Pinto Beans, eggie Broth, Tortilla Chips, Cheddar or Monterey Jack Cheese.

*Note: Non-organic Green Chiles, and Tomatillos.